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养狗的好处的英文作文新视野第三册课文翻译。Mr.Doherty Builds His Dream Life养狗的好处的英文作文

.A diligent keep a dog. Can only be good. This is for the pros and cons in terms of people and dogs.

Who raised a lazy dog. Only downside is no good. The advantages and disadvantages in terms only for dogs.

Dog, worthy of the name, is in support, and we can not afford to dream of what can bring us dogs. You keep it, that is willing to do. But now many people around because of what the dog pee ah, dog hair loss, ah, ah call out the dog love, dog this is not good not good either. Put the dog away, and even around the country began under the leadership of the dog.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with the dog? How can a dog? Or I said, a hard-working, conscientious people keep a dog, he will consciously afford the basic necessities of dogs. Out walking the dog, he will pick up consciously bring the toilet, after cleaning up the stool in dog dirt. Dog at home, he would not let dog starve random, inexplicable will not let the dog bark.

Our dogs, we have to afford all the dogs, and willingly. Can not say what benefits or disadvantages of dogs. Can only say what kind of person a dog, what kind of dog will bring the benefits of goods and disadvantages.

Lazy people, will only make the dog's life is full of pain. They do not know the taboo to eat dog, they do not know what what kind of temperament the dog, they are not their masters know, seriously.

Therefore, not all people with dogs. No wonder the Chinese beat the dog in vogue. People, ah, commit a sin too many, why throw the dogs also do all of the charges?

Some people say that dogs who have such as insect pests, there are dog rabies, dogs also bite. Who's who in fact there is no bug it? There are bacteria in people who do, those who do not want to meet people who also love flea clean it. Since it is a pet, it would have to master to service them on time to the dog a bath, time to the dog de-worming, immunization schedule to the dogs, time to dog beauty. These steps should be above those conditions are gone.

So, is it laziness and ignorance. And precisely because of these lazy and ignorant, do not know how much harm a dog's life.

Today, people commit a sin, there are still a dog to bear. And tomorrow? People should think deeply!!!!!











新视野第三册课文翻译。Mr.Doherty Builds His Dream Life


In America many people have a romantic idea of life in the countryside. Many living in towns dream of starting up their own farm, of living off the land. Few get round to putting their dreams into practice. This is perhaps just as well, as the life of a farmer is far from easy, as Jim Doherty discovered when he set out bine being a writer with running a farm. Nevertheless, as he explains, he has no regrets and remains enthusiastic about his decision to change his way of life.


There are two things I have always wanted to do-- write and live on a farm. Today I'm doing both. I am not in E. B. White's class as a writer or in my neighbors' league as a farmer, but I'm getting by. And after years of frustration with city and suburban living, my wife Sandy and I have finally found contentment here in the country.


It's a self-reliant sort of life. We grow nearly all of our fruits and vegetables. Our hens keep us in eggs, with several dozen left over to sell each week. Our bees provide us with honey, and we cut enough wood to just about make it through the heating season.


It's a satisfying life too. In the summer we canoe on the river, go icking in the woods and take long bicycle rides. In the winter we ski and skate. We get excited about sunsets. We love the smell of the earth warming and the sound of cattle lowing. We watch for hawks in the sky and deer in the cornfields.


But the good life can get pretty tough. Three months ago when it was 30 below, we spent two miserable days hauling firewood up the river on a sled. Three months from now, it will be 95 above and we will be cultivating corn, weeding strawberries and killing chickens. Recently, Sandy and I had to retile the back roof. Soon Jim, 16 and Emily, 13, the youngest of our four children, will help me make some long-overdue improvements on the outdoor toilet that supplements our indoor plumbing when we are working outside. Later this month, we'll spray the orchard, paint the barn, plant the garden and clean the hen house before the new chicks arrive.








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